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I have been using this for 3 months and I am very pleased with it.Everything works smoothly, I'm pretty sure it has protected hundreds of my sites from many threats.Andrew
I feel that my blog is much more secure and it is so simple to setup. No need to be a brain surgeon, just slide a few switches and have it working your way.The swift and responsive support by Gabriel just blow me away and this is something that I have to share because it is not everyday you have seen support offered by developer himself.Martin Capodici
A lot of products I have bought have been good, however some, it has to be said, were absolute rubbish, while others could be best described as mediocre - but the ONE product which stands out from ALL the rest as being the BEST I have ever bought is Gabriel's wpOptimix.Adam Cadell
Wordpress is an open source software which leaves it vulnerable to hackers and people with malicious intent. to overcome the threat they pose, I use arguably the best security software available, WPOptimix. This amazing Wordpress plugin integrates seamlessly with all versions of wordpress and provides powerful security features that provide the level of protection demanded in today's connected society. I use this as part of my web design business, because customers demand security be built into any web design and WPOptimix provides the most cost effective solution, and it just works. its affordable, robust and i won't use anything else.Kevin Baker
...this is a security plugin, and it protects your blog like no other plugin I've seen. Especially not the freebie plugins floating around that only do a fraction of what WpOptimix does - that's WHEN they actually work. Buy it, and install it. If it's not the most comprehensive security plugin for Wordpress you've ever seen, get a refund and post your issue here. It's really that simpleKen Reno

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