Fortwave in numbers

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Powerful yet Simple

Crafted with highest security standards and exceptional attention to performance.

Intrusion Detection

Stop any hackers before they act.

Malware Scanner

Scan for malicious script before they hurt your site.

Login Fortification

Our authentication controlled the entry of the users.


Fuss free backup ensure your data is always safe.

File Monitoring

Ensure integrity of your data is always well preserved..

Maintenance Mode

Beautiful maintenance page, with notification.

Simplified Logins

Make login an easy process.

Junk Cleaner

Tidy up your site to save up on disk space.

Performance Optimization

Speed up your site for performance.

Password Analyzer

Test your users password strength.

Scheduled Lockdown

Lock your Admin area while you are away.

Api Calls and Reports

Security status and actions on all websites where plugin is installed.


Status update on you website security.

Dashboard Widget

A quick website securiy status as soon as you log in.

Activity Timeline

Time trakced list of events.

Website Details

Analyze your server configuration.

Real-time Notifications

Non-intrusive live notifications on activities.

Protection badges

Show your users that you keep them safe.

... and many more ...

Content Protection
Secured Robots.txt
WordPress Salts generation
Database Prefix enforcing
Usernames analyzer
Largest files locator