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  • How to restore a backup?

    Currently you have to do this MANUALLY

    Each backup archive contains two folders( DATABASE, WEBSITE ), that you will have to upload separately.

    Import DATABASE

    This folder contains an 'sql' file that you have to import trough cPanel.
    Steps: Login to your cPanel » click on PhpMyAdmin » click on the import tab » there you browse for the sql file and click GO. [SCREENSHOT]

    Upload WEBSITE files

    With your favourite ftp software upload the content of WEBSITE files to the root installation of your WordPress. [SCREENSHOT]

  • Do all the versions offer the same features?

    Although the features are basically the same for all versions, only Multisite and Developer version include the FortWave Auto-Updater plugin and includes various remote functions provided in the members area.
  • Chmod error on line [xy]

    First try manually to set your wp-config.php and .htaccess permissions to 644.
    If problem persist you may have the following issue(s):

    • "chmod" function is in your php disable list
    • you have php safe mode enabled
    • you doesn't have root permission to change the files.

    We would advise you to contact your hosting support.

  • Forgot OCSL URL?

    Method1: In case you forgot your simplified-secured login URL you can resend it trough the members area.

    Method2: Send us an email with your domain name and cPanel login details.

  • How do I upgrade to another version?

    If you need to upgrade your licence, you can do so anytime under the members area.

  • Where do I find the training guides?

    You will find it in the members area.

  • Firewall compatibility issues

    If there are any issues, or break of other plugins, please let us know.

  • I have lost my license details.

    No problem at all. Contact us through your order email providing transaction details and we will resend you.

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