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24/7 Active Protection

No matter where you go or what you do, FortWave will always be there for you. Armed with 30 different security features, which includes backup and restore, this beast will always be at your beck and call, tackling down hackers even you are on vacation.


Committed to your safety, fortwave ensures that you are protected from all website threats.


Gives your website a speed boost, removing junk, keeping tables clean and smooth.


Automatic backups ensure in case of loss you are always protected.

Always Updated

Any kind of defence is useless without the latest capabilities to deal with the ever changing online threat. Fortwave takes a step further by constantly releasing updates without you even noticing it.

Trusted by over 2000 users.

FortWave has continued to grow over the years, used and build by the very people who understand the importance of not mere digital assets, but the responsibilities and trust each of us has to shoulder for our community and the society.

  • A lot of products I have bought have been good, however some, it has to be said, were absolute rubbish, while others could be best described as mediocre - but the ONE product which stands out from ALL the rest as being the BEST I have ever bought is Gabriel's wpOptimix. Adam Cadell
  • I feel that my blog is much more secure and it is so simple to setup. No need to be a brain surgeon, just slide a few switches and have it working your way.The swift and responsive support by Gabriel just blow me away and this is something that I have to share because it is not everyday you have seen support offered by developer himself. Martin Capodici
  • I have been using this for 3 months and I am very pleased with it.Everything works smoothly, I'm pretty sure it has protected hundreds of my sites from many threats. Andrew
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